ABC, BC and Purple K Fire Extinguishers - Stored Pressure

ABC, BC & Purple K Fire Extinguishers - Stored Pressure

  • Provides means for quick delivery of fire fighting agent suitable to the hazard
  • Design permits single-person transport and operation
  • Dry chemical (ABC, BC and Purple K) available as stored pressure
  • UL listed, Coast Guard approved
Model 4705:
ABC extinguisher, 50 lb, UL 20A:160B:C
Model 4705B:
BC extinguisher, 50 lb, UL 160B:C
Model 4705K:
Purple K extinguisher, 50 lbs, UL 160B:C
Model 4715:
ABC extinguisher, 125 lb, UL 30A:240B:C
Model 4715B:
BC extinguisher, 150 lbs, UL 240B:C
Model 4715K:
Purple K extinguisher, 125 lbs, UL 320B:C
  • ABC - Mono ammonium phosphate based dry chemical
  • BC - Sodium bicarbonate based dry chemical
  • Purple K - Potassium bicarbonate based dry chemical